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Pricing for Ford F450/F550/F53 & F59


  NEW, Pre Bent OEM Brake Tube -Hard Line Replacements for Ford Pickups call for price
  Carbon Kevlar Pads
  S/D Blue Printed Calipers - (Core Required) $290.00 pair
  S/D Caliper Rebuild Kits (pistons, silicon boots, guide bolts) $145.95
  Kevlar Braided Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit (5 pc.)
  (Lines available for lifted trucks at aditional cost)
  Speed Bleeder (4) w/ hose and bag $38.59 /per kit
  Motul Synthetic 5.1 ABS Brake Fluid $12.08 per half liter
  New Icon Phoenix RFI Reverse Flush Gun $69.95


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